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Let ITsecura be your reliable partner for managing server infrastructure and security. We can provide you with the operational peace of mind that your servers are protected while benefiting with cost savings.
ITsecura offers a complete range of services to support your IT server infrastructure with an emphasis on Linux and proactive security. We can align the security with your usage and cost requirements.
Our Linux management service includes on-premises and cloud IT infrastructure design, provisioning, configuration, scaling, proactive monitoring, emergency response, troubleshooting, automation, maintenance, proactive security operations, backups, disaster recovery and more.
We offer different SLA support per each server to meet your business needs. We work together as a team to ensure your applications and IT services remain online, no matter the issues presented to us.
When you engage with us, we provide not just an individual engineer, but a collective pool of knowledge from a team who have gained invaluable experience looking after mission-critical infrastructure.


Piece of mind

Get the protection you need to feel reasssurance and freedom by offloading your security and operational worries to a reliable partner

Multilayered security Protection

We have many security control layers which gives us a lot of flexibility for finding a right balance between security and convenience

Ready to go

We are maintaining "ready to go" secured and monitored environment for your web applications

Automated and scalable management

With our centralized management we are ready to provision, install and maintain many thousands of servers.

Java and Linux Specialization

We have many years of professional support for java Web Applications and Java Technologies

Proactive Monitoring

We have 24x7 proactive monitoring and response for any operational issues, so that we are on top of the situation before user notice anything

Fast response and human care

Easy to reach the knowledgable support will get your problem solved quickly while demonstrating the human care you deserved.

Cost Saving

With economy of scale split the cost for better infrastructure and specialized expertise. Enjoy our very competitive pricing and predictable expenses


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We are ready to help you manage scaleable linux infrastructure with thousands of servers. ITsecura’s 24/7 monitoring and response covers your entire stack: server/cloud infrastructure, operating systems, databases, application servers, caches, etc. When something breaks, we fix it. Other than change to your application code, our 24/7 team has the breadth and depth to cover it. After incidents are over, we make sure to review what we’ve learned to help prevent similar incidents in the future. And we’re always looking for ways to monitor the environment more effectively.


24x7 Operations Center

We have a team of people constantly on call for operational issues.

Java heap internals

We monitor Java heap internals: memory stats, JVM threads, application requests.

Variable SLA (Support levels) per server

Guaranteed response time, MeanTimeToRepair by issue severity and SLA level.

Operational log monitoring

We are collecting system logs and monitor them for operational issues.

Java heap memory monitoring

We monitor Java OldGen or Heap memory to avoid slowdowns.

Resource, uptime & performance monitoring

Multiple monitoring tools are utilized to cover monitoring of the entire application stack.

Performance optimization

Performance monitoring for improved service delivery of the application stack.

Java heap dump

For Java App troubleshooting, we can dump and analyze java heap memory.

Performance history reports

Performance monitoring is used to improve service delivery of the application stack.


Security and redundancy are baked into everything we do, as well as getting explicit focus. Architecture and configuration decisions are made based on an understanding of what data lives where, how it is accessed, and what the weak links are. In addition to standard measures such as encryption, firewalls/security groups, replication, backups and monitoring, we consider threat and risk models to understand what can go wrong, both in terms of breaches and in terms of service failures, and implement multiple layers of protection to safeguard your services and data. We also handle ongoing operational procedures such as security reviews, security updates, scans and failure tests to ensure that the measures put in place are continually effective.


Security Operations Center

Using SIEM for security operations to proactively watch and protect from attacks.

Secure syslog server

All system logs are copied to a separate secure server for auditing.

Vulnerability scanning

External / Internal Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation.

Secure syslog server

All system logs are copied to a separate secure server for auditing.

Network security

Segmentation, NGFW network security, IPS, VPN, SSH

SSL/TLS ciphers management

Maintenance of strong ciphers and protocols.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Layer 7 Firewall for Web applications

OS and services security hardening

Using CIS, SANS, NIST, RedHat security hardening guidelines.

Malware protection

Protection from viruses, trojans, worms and other types of malware

Advanced host firewall

Very intelligent host firewall and block lists for more than 100000 malicious IP.

Events extensive logging

Command history, outgoing connections, VPN and SSH logins, file integrity, etc.

Host-based Intrusion Detection

To alert about unusual activities on the hosts


Based on a combination of open source tools and cloud provider functionality, we automate provisioning and configuration management, as well as a large array of administrative functions. We can provide complete automation for creating and destroying test environments, ensuring consistency with production as well as allowing for cost-effective testing at both large and small scales. Our reusable engineering model allows us to leverage ways your environment is similar to others to greatly reduce automation costs.


Highly scalable

Our system scales well beyond tens of thousands of servers.

Centralized configuration management

We can centrally manage and generate reports on thousands of servers.

Configurations Version control

We keep versions of our configurations.

"Ready to go" generic deployment formulas

Install and configure middleware on hundreds of servers within minutes.

Automated security hardening

Easily improve host security with prepared software-defined security.

Cloud Control and Orchestration

Vendor-agnostic provision, control and configure cloud infrastructure.


With ITsecura’s ongoing management and support services, we take primary responsibility for the operational state of your online services. In addition to the 24/7 monitoring and response, we handle all of the day-to-day administration of the systems, cloud, software and databases. This includes basics such as security updates and capacity management, as well as working with you to keep improving the delivery of your services and to evolve the stack to support your future plans.


Linux Certified Engineers

Our engineers have years of real world experience managing Linux networks.

User provisioning and management

We manage privileged user access.

Defined maintenance windows

Each SLA level has defined maintenance windows.

Compute and storage resources management

Provision of computational and storage resources, infrastructure management.

Free 24×7/365 Support

Online and phone 24x7 support, ticketing system.

Regular OS and middleware patch management

Operating systems, middleware and applications need to be regularly patched.

Our services can be tailored to your needs, but fall into the following categories:

Remote Support can provide many levels of support not usually offered in the industry. Combined with remote monitoring this can allow you to focus on your business and not routine break-fix maintenance issues.
Remote Monitoring allows us to proactively alert you of potential issues on your Linux servers, which can eliminate the chance of unforeseen failures.
Performance Optimization means our Linux experts understand how Linux systems should be configured for different applications. We can make changes to kernel parameters and file systems to deliver the best performance.
System Administration can provide your organization with our staff’s capabilities to manage your systems from our operations center. Software upgrades, patches, security issues and more can be managed to free your staff of the day to day tactical issues that keep them from focusing on more strategic plans.
Infrastructure Management can assist organizations with little or no IT staff. Asset management, planning and full IT operations is a very popular plan for those who don’t want to be in the IT business.
Technology Refresh can help you by taking a fresh look at your in house strategy. Current cost can be reduced by updating your technology and rolling it into a fixed cost that includes equipment, services, and maintenance. This can allow you to have a simple way to keep your cost locked down while improving productivity with new technology.


My hosting company offers monitoring services, how are your plans different?

Most ISPs and MSPs provide only basic monitoring, sometimes not even checking to see if your site is actually functional. ITsecura provides a comprehensive, proactive and ever evolving level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. Our plans also include keeping your server up to date and secured, something almost no ISP does. Lastly, we act as your advocate by ensuring your hosting company and other vendors are meeting their commitments and your expectations.

What are the differences between Web hosting companies?

Reliability and customer service are two key points to consider. ITsecura offers 100% dedicated technical customer service, via phone or email.

What OSes / operating systems do you support?

FreeBSD and Linux, with CentOS being our preferred Linux distro. We do support RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Ubuntu, and Debian as well.

How do you perform your work? Do you offer on-site services?

We use a variety of remote access and VPN technologies to manage your servers remotely, leveraging your hosting provider’s on-site technicians as needed for hardware issues. We generally do not provide on-site service ourselves.