What is honeypot cyber security?

There are so many malicious requests coming from the internet. You can see it in your logs.
Do you block any of these malicious attacking IPs?

Can you imagine blocking attacking IPs in real-time even before they start to attack your infrastructure?

We have created a network of honeypot servers throughout the internet which capture malicious IPs and can block them to protect your servers.

In computer terminology, a honeypot is a computer security mechanism set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems.

Take advantage of our honeypot threat intelligence feed to block hackers more efficiently.

Honeypot cyber security threat intelligence benefits

Detect many IPs which are scanning the internet

Normal users don't scan the internet, so all scanning is malicious.

Real time threat intelligence

Threat intelligence that is actionable.

Distribute the blocks in real time

We can propagate and block malicious IPs before they reach your systems.

Reduce your attacks

By using our feed, you will dramatically reduce attacks on your infrastructure.

Download blocklists

You can block IPs from our blocklist.

Zero false positives

We block only malicious IPs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need cyber security?

Cyber security is crucial because it safeguards all types of data against theft and loss. Sensitive data, protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, personal information, data, and government and business information systems are all included.

There are several reasons cyber security has become more important these days:
  • Increased exposure to attacks on organizations.
  • Increased Cyber security threats are faced by individuals.
  • Cybercrime is expensive.
  • Newer hacking methods.
  • Hackers are Everywhere.

What is the main purpose of a honeypot?

The purpose of a honeypot is to refine an organization’s intrusion detection system (IDS) and threat response so it is in a better position to manage and prevent attacks.

What is a potential risk of using a honeypot?

Honeypot security has limitations as the honeypot cannot detect security breaches in legitimate systems, and does not always identify the attacker. There is also a minor risk that a valid user scans the honeypot network and gets blocked. Usually, normal users don’t scan the internet with requests in search of vulnerabilities.

Where do I get started with honeypot cyber security?

Simply contact us with the links on this page and we schedule a meeting to discuss your specific needs and details.

Why choose ITsecura?

Get peace of mind about your organization’s ability to securely maintain uninterrupted business operations despite the evolving threat landscape – before, during, and after an incident. ITsecura has years of experience blocking hackers and protecting Web Applications used by many top Fortune Companies.

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