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The delivery of dynamic, cloud-based infrastructure, platform and application services doesn’t occur in a vacuum. In addition to best practices for effective administration of all the elements associated with cloud service delivery, cloud service management and cloud monitoring tools with ITsecura will enable you to keep up with the continually shifting capacity demands of a highly elastic environment. Our Cloud monitoring tools, specifically, enable us to track the performance, continuity and security of all of the components that support service delivery: the hardware, software and services in the data center and throughout the network infrastructure. These tools – software that manages and monitors networks, systems and applications – enable ITsecura not just to guarantee performance, but also to better orchestrate and automate the provisioning of resources.

Main Benefits

Layer Security & Compliance
ITsecura provides context-aware preventative controls that are part of the Cloud provisioning workflow. Good policies clean up messes, great policies prevent them.
Track and reduce costs through analytics and waste reduction.
SLA reporting
ITsecura can monitor a cloud provider’s ability to live up to the SLA, or service level agreement, that has been established.
Additional uptime
ITsecura cloud management technology can spot issues before they become true outages, and can pay for itself with a single instance of an averted problem.
Large specialized tech team
By choosing ITsecura you you get access to the team committed to excellence.
24/7 Award Winning Support
Our award winning support team will make sure you get stress free experience.


    Our experts, tools, and technologies guarantee to secure the access to your AWS anvironment
    With this add-on service, we guide the process of migrating your application portfolio to AWS
    24x7 Operations
    Our engineers will handle the operational needs of your AWS environment
    Recurring Optimization
    We continually evaluate your changing needs and new AWS features to identify improvements
Let us manage MICROSOFT
    Ongoing Architecture Design
    Our experts architect a customized Microsoft infrastructure based on Microsoft best practices
    Reduce Risk
    We deploy managed services like patching, monitoring and 15-minute response time SLA on top of Microsoft Azure
    Offload and Innovate
    Focus scarce resources on innovation and business growth by letting us to support and manage Azure
    Maximize Return on Investment
    We provide architectural guidance to help you get the most out of Azure and to realize better performance and cost effectiveness.

Cloud service management and cloud monitoring.

Through successful cloud service management and monitoring, ITsecura’s service quality differentiate itself in what remains a crowded and noisy marketplace. Effective cloud service management also helps lower the risk of frequent cloud outages that can jeopardize security systems. Using these tools also supports greater operational efficiency, helping customers minimize costs and maximize profit margins. However, achieving these goals can be difficult in a complex virtual delivery environment where visibility and control are limited, and this is where ITsecura can give you peace of mind with Cloud Management.


What is Cloud Management?

Cloud management is the exercise of administrative control over public, private and hybrid clouds. A well-implemented cloud management strategy enables users to maintain control over these dynamic and scalable cloud computing environments.

What are the ITsecura cloud management strategies?

The success of any cloud management strategy depends on the proper use of tools and automation, but our competent ITsecura staff is crucial. Although administrators don’t handle cloud provisioning or related tasks, a business still needs cloud expertise to codify its policies into workflows. This requires an IT staff with knowledge of cloud tools and the business’s cloud management goals. To deploy a private or hybrid cloud, enterprises must either invest in IT training (expensive) or hire new staff (very expensive). Companies that lack a skilled IT staff can seek help from third parties, this is why outsourcing your cloud management with ITsecura will not only give you peace of mind but will save you big money down the road. Although we don’t run the cloud, we run the tools that run the cloud.

What are the cloud management challenges?

Cloud computing presents a number of management challenges. Companies using public clouds do not have ownership of the equipment hosting the cloud environment, and because the environment is not contained within their own networks, public cloud customers do not have full visibility or control. Users of public cloud services must also integrate with an architecture defined by the cloud provider, using its specific parameters for working with cloud components. Integration includes tying into the cloud APIs for configuring IP addresses, subnets, firewalls and data service functions for storage. Because control of these functions is based on the cloud provider’s infrastructure and services, public cloud users must integrate with the cloud infrastructure management.