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Computer Backup Types and Strategies

    Have you ever deleted by mistake really important old family photos from your computer, the only copies you have left because of originals vanished from time? Have you ever reformatted a hard disk when you meant to format an external drive? Have you ever typed "Y" when you meant "N" and then it was too late? Have you ever overwritten a file by mistake? How about accidentally installing the software you later found you really did not want (aka malicious)? This was the times when you thought “if I only could reverse time and correct my mistake…”. Well, you could of if you would have a... Read More


    As we know the full negative effect of a compromised account sometimes can take months or years to recover. With the nature of the information we deal with online each day, there’s no room to be negligence about our approach to account security. Keeping users, systems, and resources secure today requires a combined efforts using strong password policies and staying on top of the latest information security best practices.

    Before we start looking at the strong password protection we really have to say that in our modern world just to have a super strong and long password (... Read More

Computer Security

    Security and convenience are often used as opposites but finding a good balance between these two is quite an achievable task if you know what options you have and what risks you are facing. Endpoint security is the process of securing the various endpoints on a network, often defined as end-user devices such as laptops, and desktop PCs. With more and more people working remotely end-point security becomes increasingly important.
    There are multiple levels and, depending on your requirements, more security layers always can be added. Every new level of added security though... Read More

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