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The Wild West or The Reality of the Internet

Do you want to know about the invisible reality of the internet?

We would like to share what security professionals see on a daily basis and to show all indicators of attacks invisible to regular internet users. The intention is to educate and bring awareness about the invisible reality of the internet.
Please, be entertained by this webinar recording and hopefully you will find it useful.

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Spam and phishing

Everyone receives a lot of emails, and everyone is exposed daily to phishing attacks.
Perpetrators have taken advantage of the Covid19 virus to scam more people. Phishing attacks skyrocket 600% in a single month in relationship to the coronavirus outbreak.
To stay safe, everyone needs proper training on how to easily identify malicious e-mails.
Please, be entertained by this webinar recording and hopefully you will find it useful.

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Small Business

Most Useful Free web Apps for Small Business

Ninety percent of companies in the United States qualify as small businesses. Every day these business owners have to deal with common computing problems, such as tracking electronic documents, scheduling, accounting functions, managing contact lists, and reducing spam. Many expensive software products are available to help solve these problems, but they often have features small businesses don’t need. Open source software presents easy-to-implement solutions for free or at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, these solutions are relatively unknown to most small businesses. Let's look at... Read More


How much does a website costs?

The most accurate answer to the question of, “How much does a website cost?” would be that … “it depends.” But, what does it actually depend on? By the end of this post, we promise that you’ll know exactly what contributes to how much does a website cost, plus what sort of website you can expect for your budget, no matter what that might be.


Therefore, how much does a website cost, on the average? This comes down to a couple of key elements:

• the cost of your domain name and hosting, • the cost of the technology/software used to build the website (including the cost... Read More


Computer Backup Types and Strategies

Have you ever deleted by mistake really important old family photos from your computer, the only copies you have left because of originals vanished from time? Have you ever reformatted a hard disk when you meant to format an external drive? Have you ever typed "Y" when you meant "N" and then it was too late? Have you ever overwritten a file by mistake? How about accidentally installing the software you later found you really did not want (aka malicious)? This was the times when you thought “if I only could reverse time and correct my mistake…”. Well, you could of if you would have a backup... Read More