ITsecura mission:
to strategically protect business processes
technologies and information
and empower organizations trough
Our value positioning
- Deepest visibility and monitoring
- The pricing is below market average
High security and peace of mind for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.
- Very friendly and knowledgeable customer service
- High degree of Automation
100% satisfaction guaranteed!
our promise
the right balance between desired security and costs.
Think Strategically!
We will protect your data and business processes through finding
We will do it better, cheaper and more secure.

What we do:



  •   Cloud Infrastructure
  •   Cloud servers
  •   Web hosting
  •   Domain Registration
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 Clock mechanism

Managed Services

  •   Linux Servers Managed services
  •   IT monitoring
  •   Disaster Recovery
  •   End-point management and help desk
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  •   Vulnerability assessment
  •   Data classification
  •   Security controls review
  •   Policy manual
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ITsecura main benefits:


ITsecura main benefits


Why ITsecura

Our expertise

We are investing a lot of resources in employee education and staying on top of new technology trends.

Our employees have a permanent access to paid training materials and required to get at least one additional certification a year.

General Networking

Network security (IPS, Filtering, Threat prevention)

Server hardware

Virtualization and cloud infrastructure

Linux administration


Host security

IT automation

General Security

Web hosting

End-point management and Help desk

We are supporting SaaS Web applications which are used by top 200 global companies

Helping top companies


Monitored services over


WAN speed in Mbps


Service checks (in 1 sec)


Days in a year on duty



Our story

Many years ago, the founder of ITsecura was employed by small Software as a Service company. It was one man IT department. Very limited resources. No spare equipment. Running from fire to fire. No time for education and one had to know everything: Networking, Wireless controllers, vLAN's, Network security, Server hardware, Hypervisors, Clouds, Linux, Java, MySQL, Monitoring, Host security, End-point management and help desk. It was challenging.
ITsecura was created to share the cost of better infrastructure and specialized expertise. That small company got converted into our first customer, we were able to deliver our outsourcing benefits and we still keep them even more happy.



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