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EndPoint management and help desk

Your operating system is the heart that keeps your business running. No matter which desktops, laptops or workstations you use or which operation systems you run, ITsecura manages and maintains them all. We keep your drivers and software up to date and manage and track your licenses, integrating them with your existing equipment. Ensuring your PC and Macintosh desktops and workstations are operating perfectly is not only our goal, it’s our job.



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Main Benefits



  • Peace of mind

    ITsecura efficient Remote Monitoring & Management will help you advance your business to the next level.

  • PC & Mac Support

    Maximize productivity with Apple and PC support and management services.

  • Multi-Tier Expertise

    Having an excellent Help Desk service is crucial for the life of Your company.

  • EndPoint Security Hardening

    Utilize our Endpoint Security to harden endpoints and network access in order to prevent intrusion.

  • Large specialized tech team

    By choosing ITsecura you you get access to the team committed to excellence.

  • 24/7 Award Winning Support

    Our award winning support team will make sure you get stress free experience.

Help desk features

What makes our Endpoint management and Help Desk the Best?

Peak Performance

We constantly monitor critical events, antivirus and software patch alerts.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

24/7 management and oversight of your critical systems by IT professionals.

Customized Service

We offer custom tailored service to ensure we deliver exactly what you need.

Consolidated reporting

Customised and contextualised reports with actionable recommendations

Keep Data Secure

We keep your information safe by monitoring devices and applications.

Integration and Automation

Our managed services ensure that your digital technology running at its best.


We spring into action to get your team up and running as quickly as possible.

Quick Response

Our response time will always be within the time frame outlined in your plan.

Support You Can Count On

Support is available by phone, email or live remote control.

Do you have the in-house expertise to deploy and manage the endpoint management solution?

Endpoint management products are inherently pretty big; they have dozens of useful features that you can utilize in your environment. However, your team may already be strapped for time and unable to properly implement the solution. Installing an endpoint management solution requires a significant time investment. If you plan to leverage all that a good solution can provide, be prepared to invest upwards of on to three months to properly plan and implement each feature.

ITsecura allows you to take back control of your network. You'll gain valuable insight about all your devices and ensure your network is exactly as you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does HelpDesk mean?Open or Close

    A help desk, in the context of IT, is a department inside an organization that is responsible for answering the technical questions of its users. Most companies have outsourced this services to professionals. ITsecura provides help and support in help desk in order to save your time, money, and resources by automating and simplifying help desk and IT support tasks to free your employee and get them concentrated on business related issues . The questions and their answers are usually transferred using e-mail, telephone, website, or online chat. A standard help desk offers a single point of contact for users to get assistance. Normally, the help desks handle requests by using help desk software, or issue tracking system, which enables the help desk operators to keep track of the user requests using a unique identifier, easily find solutions to common queries, prioritize cases, and so on.

  • What is End-Point management?Open or Close

    When an organization grows, so does its asset footprint. The task of managing IT assets becomes much more challenging as business expands beyond a couple of servers, workstations, and network devices -- otherwise known as endpoints. What once only required simple IT management — putting PC names, printers, network subnets, antivirus definition dates, and installed applications into a few spreadsheets — soon becomes overwhelming. What the IT department needs is a solution that automatically tracks all of its endpoints, from procurement to retirement. Enter the suite of endpoint management products. Endpoint management solutions can track inventory, deploy new apps and patches, monitor and manage devices, and more. Endpoint management solutions can include well over 10 distinct feature sets. Typical features include automatic software and hardware inventory tracking, patch management, mobile device management (MDM), complete operating system and software application deployments, antivirus client management, and even workstation and server console remote control options. With so many features covered under the endpoint management umbrella, it might be overwhelming to choose the right solution. Itsecura making this task simple and cost effective.

  • What is Asset Management?Open or Close

    ITsecura Endpoint management solutions offer asset management functionality. Depending on your specific need and environment, this is done a number of different ways, both with and without an agent installed on the endpoint. In any case, a good solution will gather up all the important details regarding the hardware, operating system, and applications running on a workstation. It then stores this information in a central database for easy reporting. Need to know how many PCs you have with less than 1GB of RAM? Or perhaps you want to know how many servers are running Windows Server 2008 and older? ITsecura endpoint management solution can help you with this and more.

  • What is Patch Management?Open or Close

    Not only does ITsecura can help you to see the type of devices that exist in your environment, but it also enables you to discover and apply patches to them. Utilizing an endpoint management solution to do this (rather than a dedicated, one-off product) allows you to integrate your asset inventory data with patch levels. Product consolidation is a big benefit of employing an endpoint management solution. Need to see how many of the patches on your servers need the latest Microsoft update? Do you need to get those patch updates applied at a specified time? With our endpoint management solution, you're taken care of.

  • What is Operating System Deployment?Open or Close

    ITsecura Endpoint management solutions also give you an easy way to deliver operating systems to servers and PCs. Gone are the days of inserting a CD, manually partitioning the hard drive, and installing the operating system. With our endpoint management solution, we can now deploy an operating system to a single device or a thousand devices all at once. Leveraging PXE boot technology, the operating system can be pushed to a device over the wire with little to no interaction with the end user.

  • Can we remotely do Application Deployment?Open or Close

    Once the operating system is installed, our endpoint management solution can also install any applications you may need on a single device, or thousands of devices, all at once. Do you have a certain set of applications that usually get applied per department? Using ITsecura endpoint management solution, we can now package up and deploy all that software in just a few minutes instead of sneaker-netting to each machine.

    In addition, not only can you deploy software to your machines, but you can also ensure that software stays installed. Endpoint management solutions give you the control, so you can be certain the software you deploy to your organization's machines gets installed and stays there.

  • Can we help you with Compliance Evaluation and Remediation?Open or Close

    Do you have a default workstation policy or default server policy that dictates the type of configuration each machine will have, by default? Perhaps you have a checklist of best practice security configurations you perform on your machines when they get rolled out or a standard set of software applications that should be installed and configured in a certain manner.

    ITsecura endpoint management solutions allow you to define baselines for your business-specific requirements on your servers and workstations. Once a baseline is set, we can report on and even remediate the settings back to the baseline.